The rivolutionary neoprene water based paint

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What is paintingprene?

Paintingprene it's a superstretch single pack water based paint, specifically designed for painting on neoprene. The exclusive formula, patented, it's base on coalescence technology, to ensure high tenancy in aqueous and saline enviroment. The elasticity of the resin gives the product a straordinary elongation, nearby three hundred percent...


Paintingprene is in 9 different colors

  • reedRED
  • yellowYELLOW
  • pinkPINK
  • greenGREEN
  • brownBROWN
  • blueBLUE
  • goldGOLD
  • silverSILVER
  • whiteWHITE


1 kg tin

1 kg Tin

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250 gr bottle

250 gr Bottle

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35 gr bottle

35 gr Bottle

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The neoprene surface must be clean and dry.To achieve a strong adhesion and a lasting result is important degrease properly neoprene through the use of appropriate solvents.
Work in ventilate place with low umidity

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Application by conventional spray and airbrush

Conventional Spray and airbrush technique are excellent to achieve the desired camouflage effects.

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Multiple coats may be required to achieve the look you want, being careful not to exceed the maximum recommended thickness.

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Sponging and dripping can be used as techniques to achieve special camouflage effects, it is important to not drop too much of the product charges in the middle.

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If you want different overlapping colours remain distinct is important to wait until the first colour applied is dry to the touch before applying the next. You 'can get a good result by overlaying different colours without waiting for drying, in this case, you should apply the successive colours within a few minutes.

Precaution : you can combine two or more colors to obtain other various colors. The paint can be less viscous adding some distilled water.
After usage, keep in a cool place being careful to seal properly the package.

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